A new term, a new start, a new choir!

So we had our first ever official rehearsal last week as the All For One Grimsby/Cleethorpes choir. If I wasn’t nervous enough about the newness of it all we had a slight glitch and had to do an emergency change of venue to none other than my own church! Thanks to the ever glamorous and fantastic pastor of Victory Church Wendy Hawkins for that one, for always answering the phone when one is most panicked!

After some running around (and many cups of tea passed around) we finally got our first taster under way. Running through warm ups and breathing and finally going through and singing ‘The Climb’ by the end, everyone was singing to the rafters and the Grimsby branch of All-For-One was born, with enthusiasm, passion and generous amount of good old fashioned fun.

Today we welcomed our new members to the fold and got under way with our Africa themed programme for our Christmas concert.

It sounded amazing, and as D:ream said – things can only get better.

If you would like to check us out – please book a taster here

Rehearsals are held at Queen Mary Infant School, Queen Mary Avenue, Grimsby. Monday evenings, 7.30-9.15.


Heather xx

Choir taster 2

Photo courtesy of the amazing Jo Jipson 🙂


What a week!

Well, what a week! Singing in People’s Park last Saturday for Lucky’s Fund Charity Day, A classical outdoors concert (very Proms in the Park!) on Wednesday and a wedding on Saturday followed by leading my favourite people in worship at Victory Church on Sunday! It’s been fantastic to have so many engagements and so much to look forward to! I am at the helm of the Grimsby branch of All-For-Choir’s in September and couldn’t be more excited! With a week off this week (and some deserved downtime) I can really crack on with honing all the new songs I am going to be teaching! I’m starting an exciting new job next week alongside more bookings for concerts and performances across the region.

Very exciting stuff. Here’s a pic taken by my gorgeous friend Kate Lock from the People’s Park event. Hope to get more up soon!!

People's Park

Heather xx